System Integrations

At Kosbit, we help companies make the right choices in system integration and we deliver the best business solutions.

The need for expert system integration test services in today’s digital world is more urgent than ever! Every company must focus on how to successfully integrate the different business system engineering they require. This will increase productivity and mitigate risks by ensuring your systems operate on a single framework. Additionally, this produces much greater visibility in the end-to-end supply chain.


As a result, system integrator companies must ensure the quality system integration test of their mission-critical systems, from ensuring accuracy and integrity along the way to providing robust security and data privacy.

Kosbit’s system engineer has the experience and the talent to help your company with system integrations! Our system integration services team helps customers consolidate, simplify, and optimize their operations as well as support back-end systems and tools. We can deliver seamless services that cover everything, from core systems to customer-facing apps. We can incorporate data and functionality from multiple sources, both internal and external.

Kosbit offers complete IT outsourcing services, including building new frameworks and executing solutions that enhance and restrict all processes within a single tool. Our team of experts can start with an initial consultation to understand your needs and we can analyse your current system to draft a plan of action.

When Integration Services Becomes Critical

Kosbit can offer all these integration services:

  • A new or upgraded/ customized system integration plan
  • Creating a long-term communication exchange between diverse IT systems
  • Improving work quality and efficiency
  • Providing a data exchange between a series of databases from different vendors
  • Implementing the desired characteristics of one system into other applications of system integration tests
  • Centralizing and systemizing engineering solutions of various IT outsourcing services into a single IT environment
  • Inventing new systems with other operating systems for system integrator companies, and
  • Extending the functionality of IT managed services using software version upgrades.

Our Expertise

Trust Kosbit’s team of highly-skilled and experienced staff. We know that incumbent systems contain a large amount of critical information. The data can be accessed effectively through careful integration using diverse technologies your company has currently deployed or plans to deploy in the future.


Our Systems Integration Services team will incorporate all new and existing assets into a solution that ensures security measures are in place and the data is successfully combined in new and productive ways. We will analyse your information assets, ensuring they are current, available and secure.

Kosbit can:
  • Safely innovate through the use of new technologies such as mobile, cloud, and analytics for system integration test
  • Extend your reach to customers and partners using secure gateways, service interfaces, and portal technologies by our IT managed service providers
  • Adapt and improve efficiency by becoming an agile business that can integrate data, incorporating multiple methods to secure information and services
  • Develop or compose bespoke solutions for exact requirements
  • Optimise development and delivery processes through software-development lifecycle consulting by our system engineer

Whether your business issue requires a single bespoke application or an enterprise-wide solution, Kosbit has the capability and services to suit your needs – on-premise, off-premise or cross-premise.

Partnership Culture and Local-Global Delivery

At Kosbit we believe in partnerships because they empower. Our strategy is to partner with diverse technology companies that allow best practices and solutions where our clients can benefit. We also believe in vendor independence, which allows us to provide impartial and relevant advice that encompasses the entire technical landscape. In this process, our system engineer maintains close connections with all of our partners. We can share this experience to help drive business value and innovation.


At Kosbit, we design, implement, troubleshoot, analyse, and maintain the IT outsourcing companies’ infrastructure of internal and external customer environments. This includes:

  • Network connectivity and utilization
  • System integration test
  • Windows server administration
  • Virtualization and system engineering
  • Performance tuning
  • Backup and restore, and
  • Identification, research, and resolving technical problems.

Our system integration promise to you from Kosbit includes the following tasks:

  • Identification, research, and resolution of technical problems related to System Integration
  • Retention of documentation of client networks and systems
  • Familiarity with a variety of best practice concepts, practices, and procedures for system integrator companies
  • Utilizing a decade of staff experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals
  • Perform a variety of complicated tasks, and provide support for escalated trouble tickets.

We promise to uphold these tasks so your system integration process will run smoothly!

Our System engineer and Integrators Experts (MCSE) focus on efficient integration. This supports your initiatives and aids in delivering comprehensive solutions. As a partner of Microsoft, VMware, IBM, HP, & Symantec, Kosbit is your reliable partner for the design, implementation, and support of your systems.

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