Besart Alshiqi

Dec 6, 2021

What is a NOC and how it can fill your IT infrastructure needs?

From corporate enterprises to non-profit organizations, NOCs are used across multiple industries and verticals. Depending on the size of an organization, technicians may work from within a NOC command and control room within a data center or corporate office, or from within a separate, dedicated NOC facility. Because of the complexities and costs of operating a NOC, this critical function is often more economical when outsourced to a dedicated NOC services provider who will serve to supplement an organization’s IT operations. Read more arrow-right-icon



Jul 26, 2021

Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Kosovo’s Emergence as a Force in Judo

As a consequence of the COVID-19, the Olympic Games that were supposed to happen in 2020, are now taking place with a one-year delay. Tokyo is witnessing the performances of the best athletes in the world, who are all aiming to leave marks in this competition in order to make their nations proud. The athletes of Kosovo aren’t an exception to this objective. Despite being a small country, the youth of Kosovo has demonstrated rare talent in different sports. Read more arrow-right-icon


Erëlehtë Zymberi

Jan 14, 2021

Why your company should consider data science outsourcing?

Nowadays “Big Data” is not just another future concept. We are living it. The exponential growth of the data these days is unimaginable. Only in the last year, we created most of the existing data. Also, it is assumed that in the next five years or so, we will reach the capacity of more than two hundred zettabytes of the world’s data. Read more arrow-right-icon


Gent Limani

Dec 16, 2020

Zero Trust Security: The New Approach for Network Security

Security personnel is trying to create best-in-class security, implement the best security they can. From this, most organizations have many different security devices in their network, many of which do not communicate well with each other, if at all. This can cause security lapses as varying personnel are responsible for different devices and implement the security plan that is the best for their device. Read more arrow-right-icon