Aug 19, 2020

Case Study: Increasing efficiency through BPO for our large telecom client

A large telecom provider chose to partner with Kosbit to handle the responsibilities of specific business processes due to our reputation as an outsourcing provider. This included internal and technical support functions, project coordination, project management and custom contracts. They wanted more than just cost cutting; they were interested in high quality, flexibility and better business efficiencies. Read more arrow-right-icon



Aug 5, 2020

How Kosbit helped its client improve automation through System Integration

Kosbit has worked with Fortune 100 companies, including small to medium sized businesses to reduce IT costs, improve service delivery, and spark growth. Below you can read a Case Study which shows how Kosbit helped one of the clients to enhance automation and provide greater visibility on their desktops through system integration. Read more arrow-right-icon


Eduard Ramizi

Jul 23, 2020

Network Architecture

The network architecture is a methodology configured for network engineers to design scalable robust infrastructures to support today’s complicated business applications. When implemented correctly, the design methodology provides a foundation that is easily scalable with both tactical and strategic support for business applications. Read more arrow-right-icon


Mirand Osmani

Jul 7, 2020

Defining Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a broadly used term, whose definitions are highly variable, often subjective, and at times, uninformative. The absence of a concise, broadly acceptable definition that captures the multidimensionality of cybersecurity impedes technological and scientific advancement by reinforcing the predominantly technical view of cybersecurity while separating disciplines that should be acting in concert to resolve complex cybersecurity challenges. Read more arrow-right-icon