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Software product development changes continually and you must stay on top of the changes to keep your business booming. When trends change, you must change with them. Some recent changes like cross-platform, blockchain app developments, and machine learning are rapidly enhancing. Do you even know what they are?


That’s what Kosbit can do for you! Whether you’re looking for software development, agile solutions, or IT outsourcing services in a project to a reliable IT managed services partner, the Kosbit software team is here to assist. We can create a fully customized software design, e-commerce solutions, web and mobile applications (iOS & Android), and more! Our team uses agile methodologies in software development projects.

Our team uses agile/scrum methodology in software development lifecycle models projects. Software development occurs in a volatile environment, so we place emphasis on inspecting and adapting the software as its being developed. Software development agile offerings include a full range of services from documentation and technical consultancy to custom software development.


We have over a decade of proven experience with a full range of software development services, including vendor management, system integration, and telecom services. We deliver on all tasks on-time and under budget.

The Kosbit team lives and breathes software development lifecycle models. We are on the cutting edge of new technologies and data trends, including:

  • ASP.Net WebApi
  • C#
  • NServiceBus
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle, PHP (e.g. Laravel)
  • AngularJS, and
  • Vue.Js

In addition to being on the cutting edge of those technologies, check out our list of end-to-end software development services, including:

  • Custom solutions and products
  • On-site personnel for in-house teams
  • Technical consultancy for software engineering projects
  • New technology integrations with existing infrastructure, testing, maintenance, and support

Enterprise software development is critical for a solid software foundation. Software nightmares with your mobile app can make customers shy away and impede your productivity. Don’t stress, Kosbit has years of experience in enterprise software development, API integration, legacy system modernization, and consolidating app portfolios. Take advantage of our mobile app team and watch customer visits increase!

Kosbit creates numerous products for a wide range of organisations across multiple platforms. We can design different solutions for software development lifecycle models, such as cloud-based or shrink-wrap-based on IT outsourcing company needs.

Kosbit is an Oracle Partner. This enables us to provide consulting, implementation, and support for Oracle DBA management, so they operate reliably. This includes custom- developed applications that incorporate back-end data management and analysis applications, including data warehousing and web-based interfaces and portals. We are a one-stop-shop for customers with every phase of their software engineering projects, from initial design through software development agile project, testing, training, implementation, and ongoing support.

Maybe your goal is to generate more visits and sales. It all comes down to revenue effectiveness. Kosbit has years of experience in helping companies build a responsive eCommerce back-end development and responsive web design. This allows us to offer a wide range of web and mobile solutions that includes generating leads, conversions, and Sales.

Going mobile is a requirement in the business world. Let us help you streamline operations and bring value to demanding customers. An effective mobile app that draws customers is not easy, so if you are redesigning for the fifth time, it’s time to contact Kosbit to bring your potential mobile customers to you and not your competition!

IT develops fast, and you must stay on top of the trends. That’s why Kosbit offers consulting services on everything. This allows us to plan your next steps and long-term goals. If you need help, don’t hesitate. Our background covers a diverse selection of technical needs. We are here to help you!

Are you losing talent and suffering high attrition rates? Scale your delivery capacity with Team Extension. Customers just like you have taken advantage of Kosbit’s dedicated, talented team with multiple certifications in software engineering, degrees, and backgrounds. We can help build, motivate, and manage.

The Kosbit team can build your product with a clear design process every step of the way! Turn to Kosbit’s UI and UX services. Our unique team has its own design studio within a large software company that can help you build an engaging software development agile product quickly and easily.

QA testing and related services will help your system achieve a long and stable life. At Kosbit, IT managed service providers can do that and more. We can monitor system development and provide an accurate assessment, especially if issues are identified. Our QA team uses the latest practices and technologies to validate your system performance and successful project implementation. Large or small, your company needs an experienced QA team to make sure systems function appropriately according to software development life cycle models. Let Kosbit help with that on time.

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