Kosbit Helps Detect, Respond To, And Prevent Security Threats

For Kosbit’s team of network security engineer experts, security is priority one for any network system, especially since dependency on network infrastructures has grown over the past few decades. A recent Ponemon study discovered that 46 percent of respondents discovered a security breach by accident and 33 percent of organizations discovered breaches two or more years after the incident.


Company networks are the centre of your digital business, but they face constant security challenges. Your network security firewall is hard to protect against today’s advanced threats, which are constantly threatening your system with a variety of malware, encrypted attacks, and viruses of IT managed service providers.


Your network is the greatest security asset of your IT outsourcing companies. Cyber Security analyst experts at Kosbit will protect your network and neutralize threats wherever they occur. Our cybersecurity engineer team has experience implementing and maintaining best practices for network security solutions. Kosbit has the knowledge and skills to architect, engineer, implement, troubleshoot, and support a full suite of security technologies to secure systems and environments against modern security risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and requirements providing the best IT managed services

Kosbit’s security system provides an integrated layer within your infrastructure. Whether you need to protect your data centre, applications, or networks, you have to have all the possibilities covered. Our integrated security layer is the answer you need to provide the best protection when threats attack. We provide the best IT outsourcing services


Our cybersecurity analyst make this happen by reviewing your existing security policy. We assess what technology you have versus what you need. We then develop a threat identification process to define the potential level of threat against your organisation and define your weaknesses. We then make customized recommendations based on each layer of your infrastructure that requires protection using network security firewall.

You can’t afford not to take action against the security risks of IT outsourcing companies. Cyber-crime can cripple your business and cause clients to have uncertainty about your abilities. 74% of small and medium-sized businesses in the UK had a security breach in 2015, and costs for prevention continue to rise. The average cost of a cyber-attack is £311,000. This should worry you, so please, take action by hiring our IT managed service providers. Select Kosbit cybersecurity engineers for your cybersecurity needs and IT outsourcing services.

What Kosbit Offers

Kosbit is a Cyber Essentials Certified organisation. Our managed cyber security services will help protect your ICT systems, minimise data theft, and safeguard your critical business data end-users from internal and external threats. Our network security engineers provide industry-leading security solutions which will provide an extra layer for complete protection, including your infrastructure, applications, email systems, devices, and users covered in IT managed services. We will manage, monitor, and administer your protection, as well as plan your strategic cybersecurity choices. Our team is certified or knowledgeable on these compliance applications:

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

ISO 22301






Check out our list of managed security choices:

Managed Cyber Security Services & Support:

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring and management, as well as managed security updates and patching
  • Management of infrastructure, including firewalls, IDS/IPS, VPNs, AV, and content filters
  • Continuous scanning for threats and intrusions with advanced warning by IT managed service providers
  • Automated ransomware detection and prevention by an expert network security engineer
  • Preventative maintenance and software updates by a cybersecurity analyst
  • In-house service desk with remote and onsite support by a cybersecurity engineer
  • Incident management and resolution
  • Secure configuration of devices, applications, and operating systems
  • User access control and privilege management with IT outsourcing services
  • IT security governance, policies, and compliance, and
  • User education and awareness training for IT outsourcing companies.

Managed Cyber-Security Solutions

Our cyber-security solutions are tailored to your needs, providing comprehensive protection for you and your staff, IT managed services include:

  • Managed perimeter/network security (UTM / firewalls)
  • Email/endpoint protection and malware prevention (anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam)
  • Email filtering, impersonation, network security firewall, and fraud protection
  • Predictive umbrella security with automated protection against advanced attacks
  • Web protection and content filtering
  • Mobile device/BYOD management & security
  • Password management and multi-factor authentication
  • Remote worker management and secure access (VPN)
  • Wireless network protection by IT managed service providers
  • Data loss and theft prevention, and
  • Managed backups and continuity.

Kosbit’s IT network security specialists have the following specializations in IT outsourcing services:

  • CCSP
  • CISS
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CEH
  • GSEC
  • CISM

Our network security engineer specialists are able to design and maintain secure information systems and networks in IT managed services. They know all legal requirements of information network security firewall and they are able to implement information security standards. Cybersecurity engineer can safely recover an information system or network from a successful security attack and design and maintain secure computer networks.

Our cybersecurity analyst can monitor your environment 24/7 and provide tools to prevent, detect, and respond to threats of IT outsourcing companies.

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