Data Centre Maintenance & Cloud

Kosbit will help your organization reduce costs, increase agility and efficiency, and deal with a hybrid tech environment for data centre colocation.

Our professionals will assist with planning, designing, implementing, and managing complex IT data centre infrastructures. They have knowledge of evolving technologies and their impact on architectural frameworks, deployment models, and implementation of cloud computing services. Kosbit will focus on:

Layer 2 & 3 connectivity

Fabric infrastructure

Network storage & services



As technical partners, the Kosbit team will seek best practices for your business that successfully build your new Data Centre design of IT managed service providers. This cloud computing service includes:

  • Understanding your data workloads
  • Providing advice and guidance for cloud computing
  • Simplifying operations through automation
  • Implementing Agile Cloud Automation to deliver services end-to-end across a wide range of platforms of IT outsourcing companies
  • Streamlining services to multiple cloud environments for data centre colocation
  • Monitoring your environments, and
  • Combining, managing, and scaling automated computing activities with Orchestration.

Our knowledge of Cisco merges network, security, and analytics, delivering a portfolio of integrated solutions to simplify how you connect, protect, and consume in a multi-cloud world. Cloud computing adoption drives new roles and responsibilities of data centre colocation. Kosbit’s cloud engineers can work with private, public, and hybrid cloud models and intercloud solutions. We will provide the best cloud computing services.

Kosbit offers scalable and affordable cloud computing services to meet your business objectives. Our engineers will provide a free assessment to help understand your design, network, storage, and overall IT managed services for creating infrastructure.

cloud-based-icon Cloud-Based Solutions

Private, public, and hybrid solutions are second nature to Kosbit’s experienced engineers. See how we can assist you with your cloud needs for data centre colocation in our cloud computing services.

private-cloud-icon Private Cloud

Private clouds are data centre designs and architectures owned by a single company. Kosbit will provide:

  • Cloud flexibility, scalability, provisioning, automation, and monitoring.
  • Unparalleled IT transformation by building a dedicated private cloud of IT managed services providers.
  • Exemplary performance for your business with a redundant solution and a private, protected, & dedicated SAN.
  • On-going support 24/7.
  • A foundation for new services, like Platform as a Service (PaaS), to accelerate deployment and cloud-aware application design principles for data centre colocation.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), a collection of hardware and software that enables characteristics of the cloud computing of IT outsourcing companies. IaaS enables users to self-provision these resources in order to run platforms and applications of IT managed services.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS), in which users can run applications via multiple devices on cloud infrastructure in cloud computing services.

public-cloud-icon Public Cloud

Public clouds are owned and used by service providers to make resources such as applications and storage available to the general public. Customers don’t need to buy hardware or software, and some providers include Amazon, IBM, Google, and Windows Azure cloud computing services. These providers define economies of scale and affordability because hardware and application costs are covered by the provider. Costs are incurred based on the capacity used for data centre design. Kosbit has the know-how in infrastructure virtualization, data centre hosting, and migration services to provide migration and implementation from your current system to a public cloud environment of IT managed services.

hybrid-clouds-icon Hybrid Clouds

IT executives want to transform their businesses while optimizing their spending and innovating to meet customers’ expectations. Recent studies show that the hybrid cloud will enable your digital transformation. Kosbit uses a hybrid cloud as a framework to offer IT resources for both kinds of cloud computing within a business. Through a hybrid cloud, businesses keep control of an internally managed private cloud and rely on a public cloud when needed. This migration is beneficial during unpredictable outages such as hurricane warnings, scheduled maintenance windows, and electrical brown/blackouts.


The hybrid option helps companies increase agility as well as make business initiatives simpler, quicker, and less expensive with data centre colocation. Kosbit delivers all the infrastructure and IT outsourcing services, software, and systems that meet your business needs of IT outsourcing companies.


hardware-maintenance-icon Consolidating Hardware Maintenance

Reducing costs and consolidating hardware maintenance is a huge challenge. To support larger IT goals, businesses are forced to delay hardware consolidation and migration processes as a result of existing maintenance contracts with cloud computing services. Kosbit will manage the hardware maintenance support of Cisco, Juniper, IBM, Dell, Intel, HP, and other hardware services and storage devices of IT managed services providers.


We provide a full hardware maintenance service. Our strong partnership with leading tech and telecom vendors, we can manage contracts across your investments and reduce management overhead for data centre design.

environment-duty-icon Environmental Duty

Recycling and refurbishing hardware equipment is an important part of an organization’s sustainable waste strategy. Companies are encouraged to dispose of their IT hardware in an environmentally friendly way. Kosbit will enable you to securely dispose of your obsolete IT managed service providers and equipment in an environmentally friendly way and maximize your asset value recovery.


Kosbit will help you destroy and recycle your IT equipment with reliable, environmentally friendly, and secure IT outsourcing services.

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