Kosbit promotes teamwork to create more meaningful communication experiences

The process of client teamwork and Collaboration, Voice and Video is much more complicated these days. What used to happen under the same roof may now occur across hundreds of miles, multiple time zones, and many unique locations, including offices, homes, and cars. Chances are it’s no longer a 9 to 5 process either.


Organizations everywhere desire strong employee engagement and beneficial customer experiences to enable higher productivity and business agility. A strong dedication to unified communications and collaboration voice helps organizations work smarter and build the best IT outsourcing services experience that is second to none.

If done correctly, collaborative solutions will transform your business. Kosbit strives to provide solutions that are structured with:




Collaboration, Voice and Video simplifies communication, inspires innovation, and makes it possible to communicate across multiple platforms to solve the essential problems of IT outsourcing companies.

Successful unified communications and collaboration voice involves dedication and hard work to get it right. Our team of IT managed service providers, collaboration architects, unified communications architects, and audio/video network managers are responsible for designing voice and collaboration solutions, troubleshooting, and implementing complex collaborative solutions. We focus on collaborative integration and interoperation, configuration, and troubleshooting in complex networks and challenges related to mastering audio, video, and mobile applications that exceed all standards of communication. Our IT managed service providers believe in a hands-on experience using the entire network lifecycle, from designing and deploying to operating and optimizing.


Depending on your system setup, Kosbit’s team of experts can provide tried and true communication methods for meetings and teleconferencing, unified and integrated communications, and customer care/help desk solutions. At Kosbit, we believe that communication Collaboration, Voice, and Video are built from the ground up, although we can build something useful based on set-ups that may already exist. Our IT managed service providers will evaluate what functions best in your current environment and provide options that are cost-effective for call management, transitioning to IP networks, and converging voice/data with fixed or mobile experiences for IT outsourcing companies. We can provide multiple options that will meet your needs. Kosbit can also help you choose either an on-premise approach, off-premise, or fully hosted cloud solution. Our systematic review and assessment process and training capabilities simplify best practice solutions to accelerate implementation and user adoption.

Kosbit brings consistency, choice, and control to unified communications and collaboration voice solutions. This includes:

nodes-icon Sourcing and configuring technologies

shield-icon Managing device security, and

profile-icon Delivering optimum user experiences over multiple platforms


Our team has a variety of additional IT outsourcing services related to Collaboration, Voice, and Video. They include:

  • Portal development;
  • Workflow integration;
  • Data Migration;
  • Secure document sharing systems;
  • Simplified identity and access management with IT managed services, and;
  • Digital rights management to secure data and regulatory;

Kosbit helps organizations connect disparate systems and enhance their productivity by doing so. They are constantly evaluating your workplace for maximization in a digital age.


Kosbit understands you need a secure solution to meet the challenges facing your business. We have system experts for all the products available and we know how to integrate them. This will make your staff more productive and your business more secure. Our team will work closely with you to apply advanced technologies that make communications and voice and collaboration solutions much simpler.

Some of these IT managed services that IT outsourcing companies can benefit from include:

Voice-over-Internet Protocol



Web conferencing tools

Instant Messaging (IM)

Enterprise social networking

Optimal Video Services

When you choose to work with Kosbit, your business will benefit from a more secure, integrated and reliable communications infrastructure. We can develop this new system, either through IT outsourcing services, hosted, or service delivery. It is up to your needs and concerns.


Kosbit will provide all of the guidance you need. We will provide options for you to select, and then move forward to fulfil these IT managed services on-time and under budget. We will merge all audio, voice, and other communications services that you approve into one effective solution.


Are you convinced? Let us design your new unified communications and collaboration voice now and for the future. When we are done assisting you, your company will be able to collaborate more effectively and efficiently. We are the best IT managed service provider.

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