Business Process Outsourcing

Kosbit is proficient at driving business growth and processes, which enhances customer’s experience and success!

Kosbit, as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner, can act as a third-party provider. BPO can be defined as the movement of business processes from inside the organization to external IT outsourcing service providers. We can help you run your business and increase your market share. A few advantages that BPO services bring to a company include a competitive advantage, boost innovation, service and productivity improvement, cost and time saving, increased capabilities and competencies, and access to highly experienced resources.


Kosbit will show you how quickly you can leverage the benefits that only a knowledgeable BPO can provide. This includes IoT, cloud data processes, big data, artificial intelligence, and automation. Strategies that entail these global processes will put you a step ahead of your competition. Business process outsourcing is not just for cost-cutting and time-saving: we bring true business value to the table, allowing you to scale up, innovate, and compete successfully.

Kosbit focuses on the business outcome, not activities. Our approach is a relationship-based one, not transactional, and, therefore, we always build a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners using the mantra “we are all in this together.”


What Business Process Outsourcing Services Do We Offer?

Kosbit is one of the leading business process outsourcing companies which provide many business processes, including IT outsourcing services, accounting and finance, procurement, digital marketing, HR, data processing, and customer care. Kosbit also customizes these services to suit your company’s needs. Check our IT managed services out in more detail:

Accounting & Finance Services

More and more companies are leaving their accounting and financial operations to Kosbit to save money and time.

Human Resource Services

HR processes are expensive and timely but through Kosbit, the cost savings are tremendous! We leverage best practices to help you acquire, develop, reward, and manage your workforce effectively!

Data Processing & Management Services

No time to assess what it all means in terms of company data? Kosbit has a team of data processing experts. Our BPO services process, analyze, and submit reports showing your company where you currently stand.

Custom Contract

Kosbit routinely creates custom contracts for global customers like IBM, Facebook, Google, and Comcast. We emphasize security concerns, so issues don’t occur allowing your IT outsourcing companies to get embarrassingly compromised. On average we generate 200 contracts monthly.

Project Management

As an external provider for project management services, we are positioned to provide skilled and experienced managers (PMP & ITIL certified) to manage business decisions and meet business objectives.

Technical Sales Support &Customer Care Services

The customer’s wishes are always the top priority. Kosbit has a customer care team that prides itself in a superior customer experience of IT managed services. They are also fluent in both written and spoken German and English.

Procurement Services

Effective procurement IT outsourcing services can help save time and money. Our experienced specialists will help you become more efficient and effective. Which makes us better than other business processes of IT outsourcing companies.


Digital Marketing is what’s happening. Whether it’s selling online or the best in SEO and IT managed services, our team of experienced digital consultants can help you with your marketing needs.

Whether it’s achieving improved working capital management or reducing cycle times, we can make your IT outsourcing company’s business process outsourcing work better and help you save costs. Talk to our BPO services expert now!

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