Kosbit was founded with a vision of helping organizations achieve their full potential.

Broad range of ICT solutions

That meant that we needed to know everything about IT managed services and outsourcing potential. That meant hiring an incredible team of professionals with the knowledge and expertise to tackle anything regarding IT outsourcing services. Well, that dream happened. Kosbit is now one of the fastest-growing IT outsourcing companies globally. We’re committed to helping companies reduce IT cost, improve service delivery, and enable growth.

Our team loves spreading the word by working with the media. If you’d like to get in touch with our content & PR IT managed service providers team, send an email to, Florin Shala,

Our content has appeared in these international publications:

Markets Insider
Outsourcing Global
Tech UK
IT Europa
IT Pro Portal

Review Our Press Kit

Our press kit includes information about Kosbit, our logos, and photos of Kosbit in action. A brand guidelines sheet provides information on the proper and approved ways to use the Kosbit brand, logo, and jargon. You can request a press kit through the email link above to learn about IT outsourcing companies.

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