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Kosbit partners with technology leaders to provide you with ICT solutions needed to improve your efficiency and your bottom line

The Kosbit IT managed service providers strongly believe that partnerships are critical elements to business success and growth. In today’s globalised world, creating and maintaining partnerships is essential to remain competitive and productive, as well as helping companies have access to products, solutions, and new methods to conduct business.

We focus on emerging, innovative technologies and we encourage close collaboration with our key technology partners to provide the best IT outsourcing services. Instrumental partner relationships allow Kosbit to market and deploy new technologies, especially in these areas:

  • Network
  • Systems
  • Security communications
  • Collaboration
  • Cloud-based technologies
  • Data centre configuration and operations
Broad range of ICT solutions

Kosbit delivers a broad range of ICT solutions by working closely with leading technology partners. This allows us to provide a wide variety of options that many IT outsourcing companies can’t deliver.

We can provide access to the latest technology and advanced training that includes hardware and software solutions and allows us to provide our clients with a total solution, regardless of their technology platform.

Kosbit calls it “vendor independence.” It enables us to deliver the finest quality hardware and software products to our customers. We take the time to understand your business needs regarding IT managed services and take advantage of our background to deliver true transformation across multiple platforms, core infrastructures, and edge solutions. We can provide recommendations for the most suitable technologies to meet your business needs.

As one of the leading IT outsourcing companies, Kosbit offers a wide range of IT outsourcing services by working closely with our technology partners, such as:

Dell EMC
F5 Networks
Red Hat
Trend Micro

We are always looking to create partnerships with well-known technology and IT outsourcing companies. This will help us acquire new customers, increase market share, and provide access to markets such as Southeast Europe/ the Balkans, which is the fastest-growing ICT market.

Another reason to build successful partnerships is to increase revenue and resources and align strategic objectives that complement each other. Kosbit IT managed service providers are the best of partners because they provide access to new markets and new customers, which, in turn, increases revenue.

We have two headquarters, one in Southeast Europe and another in the UK. This enables partner firms to expand their geographic presence through reselling or distribution. Being a partner enables us to provide more complete, customized solutions and choices to our customers. This also enables our companies to grow together, follow outsourcing trends, and employ new technologies in different markets.

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