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We’re Revolutionizing IT Outsourcing

There’s a better way to do IT outsourcing, and the Kosbit team has worked to bring fresh new concepts to life that make IT outsourcing more productive and cost-effective for all involved. By realizing the challenges of today’s IT outsourcing industry, we’re providing leading-edge solutions for clients around the world.


Our team is comprised of industry experts who’ve conducted hours upon hours of research and written numerous publications. We’ve worked for some of the world’s most renowned companies, studied at the best schools, and decided to simply offer the best.

Our company was founded to deliver amazing outcomes that provide both exceptional quality and impressive price points. We started with just a team of five and have grown to more than 100 employees working with Fortune 100 companies all over the globe. As they say, the rest is history

Our story timeline

Kosbit was created


Opened 1st office


Became AT&T vendor


Opened UK office


Became the world’sbest outsourcing provider by IAOP


Commendations by: European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2019


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