Corporate Social Responsibility

At Kosbit, Charity Work, Community Involvement and Giving Back are Top Priority

Corporate success can only be achieved if our communities are successful too. Kosbit supports STEM-connected educational programs and competitions. We partner with local charitable events related to a green environment, climbing, running, racing and hiking events annually, and community initiatives with different stakeholders. Kosbit has built a reputation for being involved in our community and supporting technological development. Being a responsible corporation is our business; our services and products give full support, reassurance, and security to our partners, supplies and customers.

Kosbit = Certified B Corporation

Kosbit is proud to be assessed as a Certified B Corporation. This status means that we are part of a global community of forward thinkers using business as a force for doing good things. Our priority is community involvement and we provide social and environmental value in everything we do. A Certified B Corporation is the equivalent of the Fair Trade Certification for coffee and other products. We support our communities, employees, suppliers and partners.

How did Kosbit Achieve Certified B Status?

Companies are intensively reviewed to achieve Certified B status. It is not given to everyone. We had to prove our corporate operations and decisions were based on high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. There are five different categories that comprise B status certification, and they include:

governace-icon Governance

We closely follow and implement corporate governance principles. These principles include:

Alignment of company purpose, strategy, values and culture;

Corporate board responsibilities that ensure workplace policies are consistent with the company’s values and they support its long-term sustainable success;

Effective engagement with shareholders and stakeholders;

Alignment of remuneration and workforce policies to the long-term success of the company and its core

Consideration of corporate board length of service as a whole and the need for regular board refreshment;

Kosbit is also committed to demonstrating high ethics and compliance with the process and procedures agreed by both parties.


employees-icon Employees

In everything we do, our employees come first. Our staff are our biggest asset, not accolades, clients or buildings. We value the tremendous talent and passion that our employees bring to the table every day. We take our commitment to human rights very seriously. We recognize the importance of a diverse workplace and we promote continuously. We’re committed to providing safe, healthy working conditions and we believe in a solid work-life balance.


From our ongoing trips that seek to strengthen the bond between the employees, recently we visited Theth in Albania. The magnificent nature served our staff to refresh their minds and bodies from the daily working routines.

suppliers-icon Suppliers

Strong business relationships with our major suppliers is critical to our mutual success. Suppliers play a significant role with Kosbit, and often they are even part of our team! We expect our suppliers to meet the same high standards and procurement requirements that we establish for ourselves. We value lasting relationships and we support our suppliers by sharing best practices, sharing new business contacts or leads, and paying them promptly. We hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards to ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We provide leadership by example so that others can follow our standards.


environment-icon Environment

At Kosbit, our environmental policy is to leave things better than the way we find them. Our company is here for the long term and we want to make decisions with that concept in mind. We take full responsibility for all decisions that have world environmental impacts. We strive to improve our company’s global imprint by strictly complying with applicable laws and regulations that address the environment. We participate in the celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd.


Showing Trees for Earth Preservation

We participated in the celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd. Kosbit wasone of the main sponsors of Be a Friend of Earth event, that had a goal tosow trees in urban areas to improve the preservation of our environment

community-icon Community

We believe in supporting the work performed by our chosen charities. We do this by getting directly involved and supporting various charitable activities or by making regular donations. We focus and support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) which brings the technology sector together to find solutions to global problems. It also introduces children to STEM activities and careers with fun and engaging IT challenges and competitions. Kosbit works hard to stay at the forefront of new innovation methods and fostering economic development in our communities.

Kosbit Supports NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2018

As part of our ongoing activities on helping organizations whose activities are tech and sciece related, Kosbitaided xTenuate Team that represented Kosovo at NASASpace Apps Challenge2018.We donated a laptop to each member to help them reach their objectives. xTenuate was selected as therepresenting team of our country on the event that was organized byInnovation Centre Kosovo(ICK).